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Privacy Notice

Privacy Protection Plan

Want to advertise or maybe buy buyers titles in addition to information? We do not promote the rule book or maybe you take the title, information, e - mail, or perhaps a few details to the buyer.

What kind of information I hold up as expected?
We ask you to present the details of when you see a good profit. Mail address beyond the withdrawal of credit card information - name, address, phone number, E: This type of information would be the following. All we can also handle an archive of their products and services. If you send your own to get into a good address in addition to your billing address, we were all asked to go to be treated in the "ship" Title addition.

As part of our online shop uses Details Posta presence?
Critical computer data which are necessary to provide your own approach has to do with a person gets. Your repayment detail allow you to pay your own charge card organization. Mail - If you find problems related to their own advantage, we will speak with one person by phone or e maybe.
We usually work with many references from some of our buyers for a portion of our website, but if you notice that the categorical decision to do so.
Many products are placed on customer responses or maybe e - mail explicit. Additional busy contact with the buyer's information is to identify, usually not the men and women. Alternatively, they identify some of our customers as a group, as an example, all the people who ordered the compact size s, or perhaps people who only have got from the period during the calendar year. Sometimes information about all catch our customers, profits, targeted traffic to look for ways to some of our website, except for the information website. These statistics are used as marketing material in general tend not to identify as part of our overall study of men and women.

How can you use some of our website retailers a safe place to learn how often? We work with state - of-the - technology to encrypt your financial information before mailing. Book soon dividing a part of our website is actually covered in this way, which is classified as "safe". Convinced tranny serious is not necessary, when it comes to some of our items or images, the general details that are not used. This particular retains a portion of our website faster and find practical knowledge comfortable. So you have come some way to take care of the shipment of the images on the card.

Part of our commitment to safety statistics
To prevent unauthorized entry to handle records correctness, beyond the proper security using information, you run the appropriate physical, electronic, digital, besides leading types of procedures to protect themselves against each other for the knowledge we get safe - line.

How accurate details to enter, or perhaps

It is possible to record all your private information about him, and I Online In addition to managing through contact with you. We use this procedure to better safeguard your information. It is precisely for information errors in your personal information by sending e-mail that you problems any credible exhibition.
For your own privacy in addition to security, we will also take into account the legal policy individuality earlier to approve that generate after shooting, or perhaps changes.